Zip And Store – A Clever Storage Solution For Your Fridge

Zip And Store - A Clever Storage Solution For Your Fridge

The zip and store system is ingenious and can really free up space in the fridge, freezer, pantry, cabinets and just about anywhere else in the kitchen. I stumbled across these and initially only saw the pull-out fridge unit which I have featured here, but they do make all types of systems, all of which are definitely worth checking out.

I have never seen any type of organizational system like this before and I think it's pretty darn clever. Let's take a closer look at what the system has to offer and how much room it can actually save the average person.

The Different Zip n Store Systems:

Like I mentioned earlier, they have many different systems to tackle a wide variety of organization problem areas such as the refrigerator, the freezer, and cabinets. They have pull-out accessories mounted in the refrigerator, one on the mount below the shelves on the refrigerator door, systems that assist in freezing leftovers that are then stackable after they are frozen, and so much more.

I initially underestimated the amount of different options that the company has come out with to combat some of the organizational issues commonly found in these areas of the kitchen. I thought they only had two different products, but I was wrong and it is essentially an entire system, which can be bought separately but tackles many different organizational problem areas.

The Different Zip n Store Systems:

Zip n Store - Cold n Store - Fridge Door Unit
Zip n Store - Dry n Store - Cabinet Pullout Unit
Zip n Store - Freeze n Stack
Zip n Store - Freeze n Serve

How Much & Is It Any Good?

I found that most of these systems range in price anywhere from $10 all the way up to $25, not too bad as far as affordability is concerned and it would be likely that people would purchase more than one for that price. As far as my kitchen is concerned, I would probably use a couple of the refrigerator organizers, a freezer organizer or two, and definitely three or four in the pantry.

There were not many reviews for the zip and store system, but the few reviews it did have were very positive and promising. Overall, the relatively low price and awesome functionality trump the reviews and I would probably buy several for myself in a heartbeat. I love the idea and the fact that it tackles one of the main problem areas in the kitchen that I've been having for several years now.

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