“Wine By The Glass” Instead?

Wine By The Glass Instead

Another cool invention by a company named Coravin actually allows you to enjoy your wine by the glass without ever popping the cork on the bottle, which as we all know, preserves the flavor and freshness.

I do you enjoy wine every now and then myself and after seeing this neat little contraption I now have a renewed excitement about enjoying my wine by the glass instead of opening an entire bottle and having to drink it quickly. I can now enjoy "one glass at a time" and really savor the experience and flavor. Let's take a look at what specific features and advantages having a wine system can have.

Benefits And Features:

This is basically a system that actually hooks on the neck of the bottle and inserts two prong like objects into the cork and eventually makes its way into the bottle itself and only leaves little tiny holes in the process that seal themselves back up.

While the prongs are inserted into the wine bottle, it emits argon gas ( which is found in the air we breathe ) and essentially pressurizes the bottle and is really the key to how the whole system works. This wine system works best on natural corks and is not really recommended for synthetic type of corks, so keep this in mind if you are planning on getting one for yourself. It is possible to use it on synthetic corks but the wine bottle must be stored in an upright position after that because cork will likely not reseal itself again.

Coravin Two Wine System
Coravin One Wine System
Coravin Two Elite Wine System

How Wine By The Glass Works:

  • STEP 1: Grab your favorite bottle of wine
  • STEP 2: Securely attach the wine system to the neck of the bottle
  • STEP 3: Push the button to activate the gadget
  • STEP 4: It will insert the prongs through the court and into the bottle and pressurized bottle automatically
  • STEP 5: Hold down the button and tip the bottle to dispense your wine
  • STEP 6: Remove the wine system from the bottle
  • STEP 7: Put the bottle of wine back for storage!

Price, Reviews, And More:

The only company that really makes these "wine systems" is Coravin and they had a few different models to choose from that basically provided the same type of functionality but were priced significantly different according to which model you chose. The typical price range was anywhere from $200, all the way up to $350 in price and the more expensive the unit was the more features and accessories you got with it, so nothing special just more functionality, quicker pour time, etc.

All in all, almost every single one of these different wind systems made by the company had at least a four star rating, which is really good especially considering that many people have very specific wants and needs when it comes to wines and having a four-star rating is something to be said in such a high demanding niche. Overall it's a very good system and a really good idea, I wonder why they didn't come out with something like this sooner.

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