Electric Salt And Pepper Grinders

Rechargeable Salt And Pepper Grinders

This is another one of those things that I really didn't know was out there but after seeing it couldn't pass it up and thought to myself, yeah now I want one. These electric salt and pepper grinders are pretty cool and have some really neat features that just about anybody could appreciate.

I found a whole bunch of different models that served the same purpose really but there were some differences in some of the grinders, how they charge, what they run off of and things like that selects diving into the article to see what these are all about!

Some Of The Different Options:

All of the models I looked at were electric powered models and all of them ran off of batteries as well but some models were rechargeable and others were not. The rechargeable models went back into a docking station that recharged the batteries and on a full charge would run for somewhere around 10 to 15 min., more than enough time it would seem. Some add buttons at the top of the Mills and others had touched base features which seem to be a more natural position for most people.

There were a few different styles out there even now most of them were just copies of other styles or very similar in appearance. Most of them were made from some type of stainless steel and nearly all of them had some type of viewing glass that showed how much salt or pepper was left in the mill.

Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder Example 1
Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder Example 2
Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder Example 3

Features They Come With:

  • Course And Fine: Most of these salt-and-pepper mills have a coarse and fine selection knob just like you would find in a traditional grinder.
  • Docking Stations: Like I mentioned before, some of these models are rechargeable and have a docking station that recharges the lithium-ion batteries.
  • Individual & Combo: Most of these electric salt and pepper mills have one mill for salt and one mill for pepper but there are other models that have both in one unit.
  • Built-In Light: Some models had an LED light mounted on them that illuminated the food you are sprinkling of salt or pepper on, to give you a better view of how much seasoning your putting on your food.

Other Helpful Observations:

The Price range for most of these electric salt and pepper grinders were around $10 and went up to $120. The major price difference was mainly between rechargeable models and non-rechargeable models and the average price for one of these was somewhere around $30 (not rechargeable). The rechargeable models covered somewhere around the $100 mark. The grinders that were around $30-$40 mark seem to have a lot better reviews and performed a lot better than the cheaper ones did, so keep this in mind if you plan on getting one for yourself, be sure you spend the right amount of money to get something with a little bit more quality.

These were really fun to take a look at and I'm sure I will be ordering myself a set within the next month or so because we use our old school grinders 3 to 4 times a day and would have a blast using these instead.

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