Deglon Stainless Steel Knife Set, Very Sleek…

Deglon Stainless Steel Knife Set

This is a very elegant-looking knife set that comes with a pretty hefty price tag, primarily due in part because it is made out of a single block of stainless steel. They also save a lot of space in the kitchen to which is always a nice gesture considering that most of our counter tops are pretty cluttered with devices these days, anyway.

There are just four knives in the set but have pretty decent reviews from people who have really liked the functionality and how they feel in the hands when cutting different foods. Let's take a closer look at these knives to see what they have offer.

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Like I mentioned earlier, these are made to look like they were cut from a solid stainless steel block and essentially cut into separate knives in the molding process which make a strong-looking and visually pleasing set of cutlery. There is also another set that was made from stainless steel and has a nonstick type of coating on it, which is pictured below.

There are a total of four different knives which are: a 3-1/4"paring knife, a 5-1/4" utility knife, an 8" chef knife, and an 8-3/4" slicer. These are made in France and seem to have pretty good quality, according to reviewers.

Deglon NonStick Knife Set

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These were very expensive, somewhere around $1200 for the stainless steel set and $700 for the set that had the nonstick coating on it. Pretty pricey for a four knife set but a truly one-of-a-kind look and feel, guaranteed. Some of the reviews were pretty entertaining to read, but were obviously from people who have not purchased the product but were merely mocking the price, an interesting read regardless that made me laugh.

These have a great overall look and feel to them and if you are looking for a very uniquely designed and quality built knife set that is probably something you're at least going to take a look at.

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