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A Hot Dog Steamer & Bun Warmer, At Home?

I realized that this hotdog steamer/bun warmer is more of a concession stand type of deal and maybe something you would see if you’re at a ballgame or something like that but it would easily fit inside your kitchen and would come in handy for get-togethers at your house, so I figured it would fit […]


A Stuffed Burger Press For Way Better Burgers!

Stuffed burger presses are a revolutionary idea and they have it on the market for quite some time but I don’t think enough people know about them and what other possibilities can come in to play when you use these.There are a whole bunch of different models out there that essentially do the same exact […]


A Unique Pizza Box Cooker, Unreal!

I stumbled upon this unique pizza box cooker and knew I had to share with everybody out there because first off, it looks very cool and seconds it actually does a really good job of cooking the pizza, surprising for a novelty type of item.It doesn’t have a huge area to fit a extra-large pizza […]


Deglon Stainless Steel Knife Set, Very Sleek…

This is a very elegant-looking knife set that comes with a pretty hefty price tag, primarily due in part because it is made out of a single block of stainless steel. They also save a lot of space in the kitchen to which is always a nice gesture considering that most of our counter tops […]


A Paper Towel Holder With USB Charging Capabilities?

I have to admit, I’ve never seen a paper towel holder that acts as a USB charging station for your devices at the same time. I was really interested when I saw it because in our household we tend to receive more and more appliances over the years and have increasingly less outlets to charge […]


A Frozen Drink Maker Machine?

I have seen different slushy makers/concoction makers before but I had to do a double take when I saw this frozen drink making machine. It can make up to three full pitchers of any type of blended drink you can think of and has automatic and manual functions that make it perfect for parties and […]


A Personalized Whiskey Barrel Kit?

I found this personalized whiskey barrel kit online in really got excited about it just because it is a very unique product and comes in so many different sizes so whether you’re buying it as a gift or to take on a new found hobby it is the perfect match for somebody who may be […]


Touch-Free Trash Cans – Ingenious!

I just happened to stumble upon touchless trash cans while looking for something irrelevant but thought it was so cool that I just had to write about it. Basically these are trash cans that open up when you put your hand near them or a piece of trash or whatever. These can come in handy […]