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A Mini Breakfast Sandwich Maker, Very Cool Find…

This mini breakfast sandwich maker was indeed a cool find and can make breakfast good again and not so bland. These are easy to use and save a ton of time in the mornings, did I mention they’re pretty inexpensive too?


A Mini Donut Making Machine?

I ran into these mini doughnut making machines and just knew they would be a perfect fit for the website. Making these look like they be fun for everybody in the family and if you use your imagination,  you can make some pretty interesting types of doughnuts, maybe even some new flavors/combinations.The best part is […]


An Electric Yogurt Maker At Home, Yes Please!

We all love yogurt in our house and I was reading up on the different electric yogurt making machines and really found it to be both beneficial from a money standpoint and from a health standpoint as well. I like to take my favorite organic yogurt, add organic whole milk to it and make more […]


An Electric Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker At Home?

I came across these electric soft serve ice cream makers and thought myself, what a really good idea, the kids would love this! They do have many different models to choose from including commercial models that are quite a bit more expensive but I chose to go with a little bit better Cuisinart brand that […]


A Digital Air Fryer – No Oil?

When stumbling around looking for the next innovative idea, I saw these air fryers which essentially use no oil and instead use an overhead heating element of some sort that cooks your food instead. Basically like a small oven, at least that is what it reminds me of.These air fryers are another one of those […]


Sous Vide Cookers – Worth Looking At!

Sous Vide cookers are relatively new on the market, when it comes to consumers and at home personal use but restaurants have actually used these for many years with great success!These Sous Vide cookers use precise temperature readings which regulates water temperature to make perfectly cooked foods. The secret really is in the way that […]


The June Intelligent Oven

The June Intelligent Oven is a pretty cool countertop oven that has a futuristic look and functionality to and is also quite intuitive when it comes to various foods because of the built-in features.It has many cool presets and cool features that make it a really convenient appliance in the kitchen and can help those […]


A Pancake Making Robot? – It Is True!

If you love making pancakes or have children that like eating them, then you will surely get a kick out of this pancake robot that can make virtually any type of design you can think of.It works using a computer controlled program and makes all types of designs with the pancake batter. The possibilities seem […]


Teforia Tea Infuser – An Ingenious Invention For Tea Lovers!

The Teforia Tea Infuser is a one of a kind item that takes a lot of the guesswork out of making the perfect cup of tea. This has been both a good and bad thing depending on how much you like the experience of making tea and experimenting with different temperatures of water, different tees […]


Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers

When I think of paper towel dispensers, what comes to mind are those units you find in public bathrooms that pretty much everybody is familiar with nowadays. When I came across these automatic paper towel dispensers made for your home I was pretty blown away at the functionality and look of it, and knew it […]

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