Breakfast Stations Are A Thing… Who Knew?

Breakfast Stations, Who Knew

To be completely honest, I had no idea these existed but everything in the picture is typically what I have for breakfast, with the exception of bacon and ham substituted for sausage, but regardless this is a pretty cool item that I stumbled upon and just had to share it with other people who may not know about them.

It is exactly what the picture shows and it can make coffee, has a toaster oven built right in, and on top of the toaster oven acts as a type of range that you can do your eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, and whatever else on. Pretty cool little gadget and definitely worth sharing.

Construction, Style, Etc.:

There are many different models available out there when I was looking around for a little bit more information on these breakfast stations. The model I chose to go with has a retro look and feel to it but there are more modern units available as well and they also come in an assortment of different colors to match your existing kitchen decor a little bit better. The majority of these run anywhere from $50 all the way up to $70 and more in some cases but not a bad price considering the convenience and entertainment factor.

Breakfast Station Style 1
Breakfast Station Style 2
Breakfast Station Style 3

Who Could Use One Of These:

  • College Students: In college, space is tight and so is time, so naturally a college student would really enjoy one of these breakfast stations, I'm sure.
  • Smaller Kitchens: People who live in a studio or a smaller granny unit somewhere on a piece of property probably don't have a whole lot of kitchen space and one of these would make an ideal addition to their kitchen.
  • Single Person: These breakfast stations are really quite neat and would definitely benefit a single person, hard to accommodate a larger family because there's just not enough room to cook everything you need to cook.
  • Work Place: The fact that most of these are electric means that you could pretty much take them anywhere that has a power supply so the workplace would be a good place to use one of these if you had say two to three employees.
  • Travellers: People who travel often would really get a kick out of one of these and it would make it so convenient for them if they were staying in an RV, hotel, motel or any other place like that.
  • Retired Folks: Most retired couples and single people make smaller meals for breakfast and usually end up making coffee with it so this would eliminate a lot of pans and processes that are normal during their morning time routine.

Breakfast Stations - Features At A Glance:

These breakfast stations are a little bit on the smaller side for a larger family but come equipped with a 4 cup coffeemaker and a toaster oven that can accommodate up to 7 inch round pizzas so not too shabby considering it is a three in one type of unit. It uses 1500 W of power which is plenty to cook more than 95% of foods nowadays and has a built-in 30 min. timer which is pretty standard on toaster ovens.

The pan on top is a nonstick type that comes with a lid/cover that really comes in handy for certain types of foods and has four different settings but the settings aren't temperature settings they are general settings but still work pretty well according to reviewers who have used it.

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