Sous Vide Cookers – Worth Looking At!

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Sous Vide cookers are relatively new on the market, when it comes to consumers and at home personal use but restaurants have actually used these for many years with great success!

These Sous Vide cookers use precise temperature readings which regulates water temperature to make perfectly cooked foods. The secret really is in the way that the cooker maintains the heat within the pan and can actually keep it within 1°, something no other cooking method can really achieve.

Different Sous Vide Options:

I did notice many different models out there, most of them are mainly the portable type of models like I have shown here but they also have models that are more like a crockpot type of design were you simply pour the water in and it maintains that temperature without having to buy separate containers for water and so on.

Most of these have digital displays and settings, for precision inconvenience and some have special features like the ability to hook up to a Bluetooth device which makes it a lot easier to monitor the cooking process, temperature settings, adjustments and so on. They all work on the same basic principles and have the basic features rated within them.

One Sous Vide Example
Another Sous Vide Example
A Third Sous Vide Model

How They Work:

  • STEP 1: Attach the cooker to a pot or container filled with water or simply fill with water if you are using a self-contained Sous Vide type of unit.
  • STEP 2: Set the cooking time and temperature whether that is manually on the cooker itself or through the Bluetooth connection on your wireless device.
  • STEP 3: Prepare all of your food accordingly by placing them in storage bags, sealing them and clipping them to the side of the container.
  • STEP 4: After the allotted cooking time is achieved you have two choices: you can either eat it as is or throw it in a pan/oven to seer it.

Sous Vide Pricing, Reviews, Etc.:

These did range in price a little bit but for the most part were pretty competitive, at least the models having the same features were. Most of them were around the $100 mark, some below that and others just above that and I did notice that units around the $100-$120 price range were some of the better rated models and had some of the best reviews from users.

Almost all of the models I looked at had at least a four star rating and were very highly rated for their convenience and ability to cook foods evenly and perfectly which is probably one of the big selling points for one of these cookers. With people having less and less time nowadays this is probably going to be something that's almost anybody can use nowadays.

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