A Unique Pizza Box Cooker, Unreal!

A Unique Pizza Box Cooker Unreal

I stumbled upon this unique pizza box cooker and knew I had to share with everybody out there because first off, it looks very cool and seconds it actually does a really good job of cooking the pizza, surprising for a novelty type of item.

It doesn't have a huge area to fit a extra-large pizza parlor sized pizza on it but it can actually eat up the majority of frozen pizzas and similar sized pizzas that you make at home yourself, making it not only very cool to look at but a really nice addition to your kitchen tool set.

More Information:

Features, Controls, Etc.:

It is a very simple device that has two control knobs, one that controls the timer for how long the pizza cooks and the other one that controls the temperature. This pizza box cooker will actually Cook the pizza from the top and the bottom due to the two different heating elements mounted inside the machine.

The pizza tray actually rotates as it's cooking too, to provide a more even cooking temperature on all sides of the pizza at once. The pizza dish comes out and is coated in a nonstick type of coating so melted cheese comes off very easily with a little bit a water pressure. It can accommodate up to a 12 inch round pizza, useful for one to two people but not really recommended for a larger family.

CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven With Heat Controls - Control Knobs Close View
Inside The Pizza Box Cooker
Cooked Pizza Example

How The Pizza Box Cooker Works:

  • STEP 1: Plug the pizza box cutter into an electrical outlet
  • STEP 2: Insert the pizza onto the rotating pizza tray inside the machine
  • STEP 3: Set the proper temperature for the pizza
  • STEP 4: Set the proper amount of cooking time, using the dial on the machine
  • STEP 5: Let your pizza cut for the desired amount of time, check to adjust cooking time and enjoy!

Other Information:

This was a pretty decent find all around and was actually quite affordable considering that it does a very good job at cooking the pizza evenly and getting all of the toppings melted, all maintaining a crispy crust. It was around $60 at the time which is comparable to some of the other pizza cooking mechanisms out there but this one is by far a very uniquely designed unit that stands out above all the rest.

This pizza cooker also had nearly 100 reviews on Amazon's website and an overall rating of four stars, proving that it not only looks cool but does a fine job at cooking the pizza as well.

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