A Stuffed Burger Press For Way Better Burgers!

A Stuffed Burger Press For Way Better Burgers

Stuffed burger presses are a revolutionary idea and they have it on the market for quite some time but I don't think enough people know about them and what other possibilities can come in to play when you use these.

There are a whole bunch of different models out there that essentially do the same exact thing but will take a closer look to see how they work, what people are saying about them and what to look for when choosing one.

Construction And Options:

Like I mentioned earlier, there are many different manufacturers that are making these and they are very similar in design but there are some slight differences such as the material they're made out of, their overall circumference, etc. They work by using a mold to place your hamburger meat in, smashing down the center to create a cavity, inserting the "good stuff" inside of the burger, placing more meat on top and smashing it all down to create a stuffed burger.

Some of these burger stuffers are made from some sort of metal like cast-iron, a lot of them are made from a plastic type material which I don't think work as well because the plastic eventually wears out and is not as strong as the metal so they can take as much abuse. The best designs work like the image below shows even though there are other manufacturers that used different pressing methods, reviewers have found that these tend to work the best overall.

Stuffed Burger Press Parts
burger press stuffed

How They Work:

  • STEP 1: Insert about half of your hamburger meat into the mold
  • STEP 2: Smash down the hamburger meat, creating a cavity with the tool included
  • STEP 3: Fill the meat with your favorites burger stuffing materials
  • STEP 4: Put more hamburger meat on top
  • STEP 5: Smash it down to encapsulate what you just filled burger with
  • STEP 6: Throw them in the pan, on the grill, whatever and you're done!

How Much Are They?:

Nearly all of these burger stuffers are under $20 and actually the majority of them are between the five and $10 price range, the plastic ones mainly and the metal ones are anywhere from $12-$20 in price. Most of these have pretty decent reviews and ratings left by people who were really pleased with how well they work.

In closing, these are probably one of the more affordable kitchen items that can change the food so much, in this case burgers that it is hard pass them up. For under 20 bucks you can have one of these and I'm pretty sure once you use it you likely won't ever have an "unstuffed" burger ever again.

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