A Plant Oil Extraction Machine – Very Cool!

A Plant Oil Extraction Machine - Very Cool

Creating your own essential oils from virtually any type of herb can be so much fun and the possibilities of what you could do with the oil are essentially endless. Anything from cooking, soaps, fragrances, medicinal purposes and so much more are just a few things that the extracted oil can be used for.

This is a plant oil extraction machine and it is one of the only models on the market that works automatically, essentially. These are very cool but can be a little bit pricey for the average person so it is recommended that you are really into these kinds of things. Let's take a closer look see what it is all about.

More Information:

Features And Options:

This is called a Source Turbo By ExtractCraft, one of two different models made by the company, the turbo model just being faster at the extraction process and a standard version or nonturbo.

There are really no special features to it, you simply push the button and a strong suction separates the oils from the plant matter with the help of the food-grade alcohol. The process for different herbs can vary in time anywhere from 5 min. all the way up to a couple of days and the general rule of thumb is that the more fragrant the plant matter is, the less amount of time it will take to extract the oils from it.


How It All Works:

  • STEP 1: Pour your plant matter into a container
  • STEP 2: Add some foodgrade alcohol to the Plant matter, making sure to cover all of it
  • STEP 3: Pour the mixture into the oil extraction machine
  • STEP 4: Press the button to start the machine
  • STEP 5: Wait in till it has fully extracted the oil and that it!

Other Information:

Like I mentioned earlier, these tend to be pretty high-end price, this model for example ran around the $600 mark but this thing can easily make money if you intend to sell things like essential oils, soaps and other fragrant things like that. Even if you don't plan on making money with it it is a very cool way to make your own types of essential oils of home without paying the premium price in the store to buy a premade vile.

All in all, this is a really cool little machine and to be honest, I wouldn't mind having one in my house I'm sure I would probably end up using mind at least three or four times a week.

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