A Personalized Whiskey Barrel Kit?

A Personalized Whiskey Barrel Kit?

I found this personalized whiskey barrel kit online in really got excited about it just because it is a very unique product and comes in so many different sizes so whether you're buying it as a gift or to take on a new found hobby it is the perfect match for somebody who may be into brewing their own whiskey, bourbon or whatever.

There are not a whole lot of models out there to choose from, even though a few manufacturers have their own type of design and are really similar when it comes to functionality and even looks. The one I found can be personalized with any type of greeting you want to have on it making it a lot more customizable and that much more unique.

Construction & Options:

These are primarily made from oak and can be used for up to eight years which is a pretty long time considering the long-term and is not a bad price per year overall.like I mentioned before, they come in all different sizes ranging from 1 L, all way up to 20 L! Of course, the larger the barrel more substantial the cost is going to be and lets face it, the cooler the whole kit looks.

Not all of the models I looked at had a personal, laser engraved addition to it but I thought it really made the kit complete. The manufacture also guarantees that the barrel will seal and actually warranty the product, which is a really nice piece of mind.

Another Oak Barrel Whiskey Kit Example
Oak Barrel Whiskey Kit Example

How They Work:

  • STEP 1: Seal the barrel (recommended procedure)
  • STEP 2: Mix ingredients for you spirit of choice
  • STEP 3: Let it age for the recommended amount of time
  • STEP 4: Enjoy!

Other Information:

These whiskey barrel kits for making your own spirits ranged in price and I found them anywhere from around $50, all the way up to $250 or more primarily depending on what size barrel you're going to use and of course optional features like the laser engraving were a little bit more than the standard barrels.

Most of these kits had phenomenal reviews and least a four-star rating, although in most cases a for a half star rating was more common just because people really love them and thought they were such a good idea and really just a neat little trinket to add to their kitchen.

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