A Paper Towel Holder With USB Charging Capabilities?

TowlHub (USB paper towel holder with interchangeable topper) - Charging Tablet And Smartphone And Wine Stopper

I have to admit, I've never seen a paper towel holder that acts as a USB charging station for your devices at the same time. I was really interested when I saw it because in our household we tend to receive more and more appliances over the years and have increasingly less outlets to charge our phones, so I thought this was a great idea and I just had to write a little article on.

It is simplistic in design and functionality, but you pretty much get the idea of what it's capable of from the pictures.

More Information:

Features And Observations:

This utilizes a brushed nickel finish along the whole unit and makes it look a lot nicer and fit into many modern kitchens nowadays because a lot of people like the look of stainless steel and are switching over their appliances to that type of finish, so it fits in nicely. In the pictures below you'll notice the owl at the top of the paper towel rod. This is actually a bottle stopper, which is kind of cool, but not a selling point as far as I'm concerned.

There are a total of four charging ports located along the bottom (base) of the paper towel holder. The only thing I can really say is be careful of liquids potentially ruining the charging station functionality of this. I'm surprised there are no rubber plugs blocking the USB ports to prevent this from happening.

USB Paper Towel Holder And Charger
The Stand And Wine Cork

How It Works:

  • STEP 1: Plug in the paper towel holder to an electrical outlet nearby.
  • STEP 2: Load the paper towel holder with paper towels, or don't, it really doesn't matter and won't affect charging at all.
  • STEP 3: The rest is pretty self-explanatory and it just works!

Other Information:

This charging station/paper towel holder was a lot steeper (price-wise) than you would normally pay for a standard paper towel holder, about $100 at the time of this review but provides an added convenience that is priceless.

It has a very simple overall design and does two things pretty well, but like I said before it is a much-needed convenience, at least in my household, and I could definitely use one tomorrow! I thought it was a neat find and worth sharing with everybody.

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