A Pancake Making Robot? – It Is True!

Pancake Maker Robot

If you love making pancakes or have children that like eating them, then you will surely get a kick out of this pancake robot that can make virtually any type of design you can think of.

It works using a computer controlled program and makes all types of designs with the pancake batter. The possibilities seem limitless and really it can to make it into an edible breakfast cake. Let's take a look at some of the specifics and cool features that this pancake robot is capable of.

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Options And Features:

There are no real special features to this pancake making robot except for the fact that it can make pretty elaborate designs. It comes with design software that allows you to scan images and edit them according to your preference and then stores them on a SD card, like you use for your digital camera.

I really like all of the intricate designs that you can make with this particular machine but children can also upload their own designs and have a custom created pancake that they drew themselves which is another really cool idea to involve the little ones. The hotplate is also removable and makes cleanup a whole lot easier and faster

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Pancakebot T Rex
pancakebot Example 2

How The PancakeBot Works:

  • STEP 1: Upload/Design a pattern or design you want to use
  • STEP 2: Fill the machine with batter
  • STEP 3: Select the design you uploaded in the previous step
  • STEP 4: Press the start button!

Other Information:

This was a little bit pricey but to be honest, considering what it does and how it works a $300 price tag is not that bad. I would say that this price range is actually going to appeal to a lot of people who want to make awesome pancakes on a regular basis.

When reading through some of the reviews I did notice that the software it's you use with this packet robot takes a little bit of getting used to to operate it properly and efficiently. After you learn how to use the software and implement it successfully with the machine it's easy and very exciting, just make sure you take the time and have the time to learn how it all works beforehand.

Overall, considering the price, functionality and the overall ratings left by I would say that this is a really good buy and definitely worth the investment if this is something you would enjoy using. Let's face it, who can make pancakes that look this cool?

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