A Pair Of Kitchen Shears With A Built-in Cutting Board

A Pair Of Kitchen Shears With A Built-in Cutting Board

I stumbled across these kitchen shears that use a built-in cutting board in place of a second blade and thought to myself, these would come in handy for so many different things. I am a big fan of kitchen shears in the first place and use them for all sorts of different things because they save me a ton of time and are just more efficient than other tools for cutting certain things.

There are other items though the kitchen shears can not handle like larger vegetables but with these shears, due in part to the larger handles, spring action and cutting board I think they could tackle a lot more of a more firmer type foods and give me a tool in my arsenal that would shave even more time off of meal prep times.


These are all typically design the same way, they just are available in different colors and some may have better springs than others, use better metal and so on but for the most part they all have the same basic design and perform the same task.

They use larger handles which will give you more leverage when cutting firmer items as opposed to smaller kitchen shears which have the smaller finger holes and definitely not enough power without breaking to cut through some of these tougher foods. A spring is also added that is a huge help when it comes to cutting time because the scissors open up automatically after each cut. Typically they're made from some sort of stainless steel or a stainless steel coating to prevent rust and stainless steel is one of the easier materials to clean, so a nice addition.

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How Much Are They?

These unique kitchen shears ranged in price from about $10 all the way up to $20, but were typically around $15 on average. Not a bad price for a super essential tool in the kitchen that can save time and anything that saves time and definitely worth a try, in my book. I actually own two of these myself and give these out as gifts because people really enjoy having them in the kitchen and showing them off to their friends.

There are a lot of different models out there but they are all essentially the same I actually chose the particular brand because I have used them myself and continue to use them and have had very good luck with them so I chose to write about those in particular. These are a great tool to add to your arsenal and I recommend that anybody who hasn't tried one out, do so immediately!

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