A Mini Donut Making Machine?

A Mini Donut Making Machine?

I ran into these mini doughnut making machines and just knew they would be a perfect fit for the website. Making these look like they be fun for everybody in the family and if you use your imagination,  you can make some pretty interesting types of doughnuts, maybe even some new flavors/combinations.

The best part is you can actually make your own doughnut dough, using better ingredients and you have the option to use organic ingredientsif you want to.

Features, Models And More:

From what I noticed, these use a little bit different method for cooking doughnuts compared to traditional methods, which typically call for the dough to be deep-fried. These use a George Foreman type of grill set up, where the bottom and top plates get hot and heat up the dough that you place inside the mold to make the doughnut.

They do cook a little bit differently than the standard doughnuts we're used to but taste pretty good according to reviewers. It will take a little bit of experimentation to find the right dough recipe and cooking procedures but that is all part of the fun. It will take a little bit of skill and experimentation to get your doughnuts to taste the way you like them and have the texture right as well.

There were models that made mini doughnuts, standard sized doughnuts, models that made up to 12 doughnuts and others that made only four doughnuts at a time. There is even an automatic doughnut maker that used oil to get a more traditional type of doughnut.

Automatic Donut Making Machine
Another Larger Donut Maker
Automatic Doughnut Making Machine

How They Work:

  • STEP 1: Plug in the machine to an electrical outlet to allow it to preheat
  • STEP 2: Make your doughnut batter
  • STEP 3: Make sure to oil the hot plates to prevent any sticking
  • STEP 4: Pour the batter into the preheated doughnut making machine
  • STEP 5: Allow the batter to cook for the allotted time
  • STEP 6: Take them out of the machine and garnish if desired and last, but not least enjoy!

Other Helpful Information:

All of the doughnut making machines I looked at were pretty reasonably priced, costing anywhere between 20 and 50 bucks, on average. It is a very small investment and something that many people can afford, which was nice to see.

The reviews for these were quite surprising because usually lower-priced items tend to have a lower rating but most of the doughnut machines I looked at had a four-star rating or higher, so people seem to be very pleased with their performance.

All in all, these are very affordable and fun for the entire family. I like the fact that you can buy your own ingredients to make the dough yourself so buying organic ingredients would allow you to make healthier doughnut alternatives and without deep frying them you also have the added health benefit on that end.

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