A Beer Dispenser At Home, Anyone?

A Beer Dispenser At Home Anyone

When I came across this at-home beer dispenser, I had to take a second look and see what exactly it does after reading a little bit about some of the features, what people were saying about it in some of the ratings I had to throw it out there and do a little mini review on it.

The whole concept behind this beer dispenser is essentially that you can take a bottle or can of beer and make it taste just like it came from the tap. It uses a special process that re-carbonates your beer, make it taste so much fresher and so much better!

What You Can Expect:

You simply use a standard 12 to 25 ounce can of beer or a 12 ounce bottle and insert the beer dispenser over it, it pressurize the beer and you pour it in a glass and voilĂ , you have better tasting beer that has a much fuller body to it as well.

There are two different sizes from what I noticed, the one I have listed is the smaller unit and there is a larger picture size unit that is shown in the picture below on the right-hand side. This is great for people who really enjoy drinking beer on a regular basis and are somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to taste, body, characteristics and other things that are usually scrutinized when it comes to tasting different beers.

Fizzics Can Sizes
Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser
Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System

How The Beer Dispenser Works:

  • STEP 1: Open your favorite bottle or can of beer
  • STEP 2: Insert the tube into the beer from the dispenser
  • STEP 3: Squeeze the trigger to dispense the fear into another cup
  • STEP 4: Drink the beer right away or wait for the foam to die down a little bit, whatever your preference is

Other Information:

This beer dispenser was a little bit more than $100 and considering that price probably a worthy investment for anybody who loves fresh tasting beers and is somewhat of a perfectionist or connoisseur when it comes to consuming them.

The reviews for this gadget were not some of the best that I've seen and typically I won't recommend a bad product but from reading through the reviews the majority of the complaints were were regarding the short battery life of the unit. It does take four AA batteries and I would recommend getting a good reputable brand and paying the extra money for them for getting rechargeable ones to save a little bit of money in the long. Other than that, the people who had it really loved it and said it worked great and it really improved the taste and overall quality of the beer that they typically drank.

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