A Barista Style Coffee Maker

A Barista Style Coffee Maker

In the world of coffeemakers, it isn't every day that you see a barista type of model that actually works quite well and has a few different features that the average person would really get a kick out of.

It has everything you would expect from a traditional type of coffee maker but a few twists built in to it that makes it stand apart from other coffee makers I have seen. We will get into all of the specific features, how it works and other things, just briefly in this post.

The Features Of This Coffee Maker:

The standard features that you can expect to see with this barista type of coffee maker is a timer (so your coffee automatically gets brewed when you wake up), a carafe, a traditional type of filter (cone shaped) and so on.

Some of the special features include how the coffee is brewed, which the machine heats up (the water) in short bursts and evenly disburses it over the coffee grounds in a shower type of pattern and keeps the brewing temperature between 195° and 205°. This is primarily why it passes SCAA certification and is one of the main reasons why the coffee taste so great after it is brewed.

People really like how hot the coffee came out and thought it was a little hotter than any of the other coffee makers that they have used previously.

The Oxo Barista Style Coffeemaker
Oxo Barista Brain Display And Controls

How It All Works:

  • STEP 1: Fill the coffeemaker with water, a coffee filter and coffee grounds
  • STEP 2: Set the desired number of cups you want to brew
  • STEP 3: Set this specific time start the brewing process or press the start button
  • STEP 4: After a few minutes you will have ready made coffee, just like a traditional coffee maker essentially.

Cost, Ratings, Etc.:

The price for this OXO Barista coffee maker was pretty steep if you compared to other traditional types of coffee makers but it does have some advantages that the average coffee lover might really enjoy. You will have to use your best judgment to decide whether or not a $200 investment is worth it but on the other hand coffee is something people typically have on a daily basis so it would eventually pay for itself over time.

The reviews were pretty decent for the most part considering that coffee and coffee makers have a significant following and people are usually very critical when it comes to these types of accessories and appliances. Most of the people really liked the Brewer and thought it was a good investment and well worth the money they spent.

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